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Israel Hits Back at UN, Palestine and Germany

We are dealing with Al-Qaida terror on the one hand and diplomatic terror by Abu Mazen on the other—Avigdor Lieberman



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A few days ago, Israel and Germany signed an agreement for the supply of a sixth Dolphin submarine to Israel. Last November, Germany had conditioned the agreement on Israel’s unfreezing monies of the Palestinian Authority. While the ink on the new agreement is still drying, Israel announced yesterday, March 25, a planned re-freezing of the Palestinian budget. The offensive move was strengthened by a decision to ban the Human Rights Council of the UN. “Ignore all phone calls from Rights Council Commissioner,” said Israel’s Foreign Affairs Minister to the Israeli envoy in Geneva.

Virgin Atlantic Ocean Private Submarine

Virgin Atlantic Ocean Private Submarine

Hand Powered Submarine - 1776 - Turtle Submarine

Hand Powered Submarine - 1776 - Turtle Submarine

Germany has not yet reacted react to this rude Israeli move. Moreover, it is unlikely to react directly because Israel is justifying it on the decision of the UN Human Rights Council to establish the International Investigative Committee on the West Bank Settlements. Israel decided to punish both—the Palestinian Authority and the UN Human Rights Council—for this decision, though no final pronouncement on the retribution has been made. Israel’s Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz, Strategic Affairs Minister Moshe Ya'alon and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman—3 out of the 8 ministers forming Israel’s Government Cabinet— have already announced they support the freezing of Palestinian monies. “We are dealing with Al-Qaida terror on the one hand and diplomatic terror by Abu Mazen on the other,” were Lieberman’s disgraceful words on the issue. The reaction towards the UN Human Rights Council is even more spectacular.

Israel has with the UN Human Rights Council what in Hebrew is often called an “open account,” in other words, unfinished business. On October 16, 2009, the council adopted the Report of the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict, which in Article 1690 (and other places) defines Israel as a terror inflicting organization. Israel now fears that the newly announced International Investigative Committee on the West Bank Settlements will reach similar conclusions with respect to the West Bank. Lieberman went ballistic. “We will not permit members of the Human Rights Council to visit Israel and our ambassador has been instructed to not even answer phone calls,” said an Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry official. “The secretariat of the Human Rights Council and Nabi Pilawai sparked this process by establishing an international investigative committee on settlements, and we will thus not work with them anymore and will not appear before the council,” he added. This statement was reinforced by Israel’s Prime Minister’s Bureau, which said that Israel will not cooperate with the UN committee. The Prime Minister's Bureau decided Friday that the committee's members will not be allowed into Israel.

German Submarine U-118 is sunken by Americans | June 12, 1943, northern Atlantic Ocean

German Submarine U-118 is sunken by Americans | June 12, 1943, northern Atlantic Ocean


Israel is Red


In Netanyahu is not a Netanyahu I analyzed the differences between the Palestinian and Israeli speeches at the September 2011 UN General Assembly. Palestine asked for international recognition—and got a standing ovation from a crowded room—while Israel’s leader was mysteriously preoccupied with words carved in old seals and spoke facing empty benches. Mahmoud Abbas succinctly summarized the situation as: Enough, Enough, Enough!.

Since then, the Palestinians, the UN, and now also Germany are receiving a powerful lesson in Israel’s negotiation tactics. Yet, they seem to constantly achieve the wrong conclusions. In the abovementioned speeches, both leaders emphasized the need for further negotiations and a permanent peace agreement. Netanyahu was so anxious that he practically began conducting the negotiations in situ with himself, in what is generally considered as a major error in Negotiation Theory. Yet, his initial position (a permanent peace treaty with Israeli military bases and settlements left in the West Bank) made clear the negotiation process proposed by him was nothing but a smoke screen aimed at delaying Palestinian independence. Would Netanyahu agree to Palestinian settlements and military bases surrounding Tel Aviv?

Thus, the basic question to address is it wise to negotiate with the Israeli government? It is useful to take a brief look at the academic foundations of Negotiations Theory. One of the leading researchers in the field—Dr. Kennedy—likes to classify negotiators in two categories. “Blue-negotiators” are those aiming to reach a “win-win” situation, an agreement in which all sides involved in a negotiation end it winning something. Everybody is reasonably happy this way. “Red-negotiators” want to reach a “win-lose” situation: they win, the others lose. One of the ways to identify red-negotiators is their frequent use of violent tricks and lies during the negotiation process. Once a red-negotiator is identified (for example by falling prey to an attack by him), Dr. Kennedy clearly recommends avoiding further negotiations with him (or her). What Israel did to Germany (unfreeze Palestinian monies in order to reach an agreement on the sixth submarine, and then freeze the money right after its signature), is the mother and father, and probably even the grandparents, of all red-tactics.

If remembering this, the dilemma is solved. After breaching so many human rights and agreements, Israel has been identified as an especially vicious red-negotiator, in an odd tribute to its Communist forefathers. Nothing good can come out of negotiations with such an organization. Mr. Abbas should announce no further negotiations are possible with the Zionists. The same goes for the UN, which is now seeing how its conclusions regarding the savage Israeli attack on Gaza are ignored by Israel. Germany should announce it will cancel the new agreement, and freeze the supply of the submarines under construction. Those who negotiate through the tip of a sword should fall by their own sword’s double edge.


Israeli Submarines’ Phone Number


Following the publication of Six Million Submarines, one of the readers contacted me asking for the boats’ coordinates. I couldn’t help on that, but considering what is described in this article, I know the submarines’ phone number: dial #666, the Number of the Beast.

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