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US Decline

US Decline | Israel Disappearance


On September 11, 2001, New York lost its place as the largest financial center of the world. A couple of months ago, in Illusions: On the US Government Biased Statistics and DARPA, I claimed that in real terms, the American economy was not anymore the largest in the world. A central point there was: “In order to keep this illusion of economic size, a key goal of the US government is to keep its currency as the global monetary measurement unit. However, this won’t last. It makes no sense calculating the trade between China and India in US dollars; the distortions in such a case are multiple. In the case of Thai products reaching Nepal via India, measuring the events in American dollars is ridiculous. The solution is adopting a basket of carefully balanced measurements methods; this would probably happen in the next decades. Measuring under a more accurate system, the US would probably rate as the third largest economy in the world. If measuring the EU as one economic unit, then the US would be just fourth.”

The ongoing growth of Asian economies and the recent consolidation of Asian stock exchange markets (Singapore practically swallowed Australia) are a strong sign New York and America wouldn’t regain their past leading position. Simply, America is losing its economic base. A collateral reminder of that was the recent agreement between the UK and France to unite strategic areas of their armies (mainly the nuclear research and carrier ships). Western Europe – USA’s favorite colony - is also declining. Overall this is a reminder that economies based on usury and enslavement of other cultures wouldn’t last.

In the first days of November 2010 we got two additional reminders of this decline. First, the US President was toppled from the number one spot as the world's most powerful man. Forbes Magazine has placed Chinese president Hu Jintao on top of its Most Powerful People on Earth list. Would the CIA claim now that Forbes Magazine is a Communist stronghold? Oh, sorry, now they use the “terrorist” word. They would claim Forbes Magazine is a “dangerous terrorist organization undermining Western stability.” Then, President Obama began a short visit through Asia. He said in India that the USA supports India getting a permanent seat on the UN Security Council. The statement was apparently a result of the US desire to get a share in the rapidly emerging Indian economy. As a matter of fact, India deserves a place at the council before a nuclear aggressor as the USA is. Yet, in this Mr. Obama reinforced the fact the USA economy is in deep troubles and fighting for survival.

What does that mean with respect to Israel? Would Israel be able to exist as a state – though as an illegitimate one – after the USA passes to the second league of nations? The question is complex, and must be answered in two main clauses.

The first is an economic one. Can Israel survive without the economic support of the USA? It would need to find new food sources. Most of the grains consumed by Israel are imported from the USA. Regardless the Zionists propaganda showing greenish kibbutzim, the last are little more than veggies growing slaves camps; Israel was never able to feed its population. But that can be solved with cash. I have described in The Cross of Bethlehem And in several articles in this website, how Israel makes money out of illegal technologies transfer. One of the most famous ones was the transfer of AWACS surveillance technology to China without the approval of the American DoD. This preceded the Hainan Island incident which gave China even better technology. This activity – fueled by Mossad systematic crimes – would continue after the decline of the USA and probably would keep Israel afloat on the economic aspect.

Then, there is the moral aspect. Israel has been declared a terror organization by the Human Rights Council of the UN on October 16, 2009. Western countries are blocking the subsequent steps expected from such a decision, namely an international ntervention in Israel. This double morals system would become obsolete at certain point down the decline process of the USA. Probably we will witness then a more balanced international arena led by more just societies which would impose the respect of Human Rights in Palestine. Israel would get a place of honor in history’s dustbin, for the sake of We, the People, lives. Amen.

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