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also Germany lacks a social contract with its citizens



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In a recent article, I commented on Israel’s lack of constitution. Hence, the Israeli high-school programs include lengthy courses explaining why a constitution is not needed. One of the favorite explanations is the fact that the UK - the colonial power that ruled Palestine - also lacks a constitution. The fact that the UK possesses legal antecedents dating back hundreds of years and used as a virtual constitution is not mentioned in the classes. The Cross of Bethlehem expands on this.

A friend that read that article added an important point. Actually, also Germany lacks a social contract (i.e. constitution) with its citizens. The Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany – the German Constitution formal name - is very problematic. The idea for its creation came from the three western occupying powers: the US, the UK and France, and its approval depended on them. The draft was prepared at the Herrenchiemsee Convention (10 – 23 August 1948), where the delegates were appointed by the leaders of the newly formed Länder (states). The German people had no word on this. After the draft being approved by the occupying powers on May 12, 1949, it was ratified by the parliaments of all the Länder with the exception of Bavaria. On May 23, 1949, the German Basic Law was promulgated and came into force a day later. The German people never voted for it directly and thus this document cannot be considered as a morally valid social contract. Probably, the last valid regime in the area was the Third Reich. Japan is another country in a similar situation.

Many in Israel realize the actual constitutionless situation is impossible. The attempt in the 1990s to create Basic Laws (note the name’s similarity with The Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany; it reflects both documents shaky base) failed. First, they have proven to be easily changeable whenever the largest party wishes so. Second, they were never ratified by the citizens. Third, they are incomplete since they do not touch Human Rights issues. Is there another solution?

A proper constitution could be prepared and offered to the people. They could vote for it and ratify a constitution for the state. However, the indefatigable conspirators do not want that. The actual situation is very comfortable for them since the parliament - the Knesset - can legislate whatever the Warring Family wishes, whenever it wishes so. But, what can one do?, there is always the risk some second rate party populated by little traitors (usually referred to in the Israeli jargon as “stinky leftists”) would attempt to convince the people there is need for such an evil document. The very attempt should be sabotaged before it takes off.

"Don’t worry, the Jewish mind invents new patents" is another common saying among the same Warring Family. In this case they invented Uriel Reichman. Born in 1942, Reichman is an Israeli law professor and politician. One of the founders of Shinui (meaning “change” in Hebrew, it refers to a political party), he promoted from within the party the institution of a constitution in Israel. Nice, isn’t it?

Walsinghamian States attempt to manipulate their citizens through the use of vast networks of state agents. Having inherited its administrative system from the UK, Israel is not different. We all saw that in the Avishai Raviv case. Reichman acts exactly as such a beast. For some unclear reason and despite his impressive legal background, his baby never thrived. Shinui always failed to make any real contribution to the Israeli Constitution. Did Reichman play a Fifth Column to himself and the Constitution idea?

”Outrageous! He doesn’t know what he’s talking about! Kill him!” Meir Dagan probably said while reading the last paragraph, and not for the first time in my case. Really, Mr Dagan? OK, let’s look at the other activities of Uriel Reichman. He is the dean of the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya. This is the only private college in Israel and if looking at its website it looks pretty innocent. However, this is the main university in Israel serving IDF officers. Professional officers need an academic degree if wishing to advance beyond lieutenant colonel. Most of them don’t qualify for regular Israeli universities. The Interdisciplinary Center is the main provider of easy academic titles for them. Reichman runs it.

”That’s not enough! Shut up! Shut up!” Meir Dagan shouts while pulling out the last hairs of his Humpty Dumpty shaped head. Of course that’s not enough. Let’s make another small test. What are the distinguished opinions of this Very Important Patsy on Human Rights? He should support them and organizations related to them, right? Oops! On May 20, 2010, Haaretz published an article in which it is reported that Reichman says he doesn't support the human rights group B'Tselem. B'Tselem (meaning "in the image of", Genesis 1:27) is an Israeli non-governmental organization defining itself as the "Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories". B'Tselem's stated goals are "to document and educate the Israeli public and policymakers about human rights violations in the Occupied Territories, combat the phenomenon of denial prevalent among the Israeli public, and help create a human rights culture in Israel". Yet, students at the Interdisciplinary Center say they heard their president declare that B'Tselem is "a Fifth Column" and that it's "shameful" this group received a place at the school's Democracy Day. Shame on you, Man of the Reich!

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