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After publishing Gaza’s Freedom Flotilla just before that humanitarian convoy was brutally attacked by Israel on International waters, I was approached by one of the readers who expressed concern and dismay on the inability to the international community to stop the Terror State of Israel. However, the resulting events are not completely negative.

Let me describe some of what’s going on in Israel. For legal reasons I must state that part of the information in this paragraph is based on hearsay and rumors. Moreover, I’ll go a step further and disclose the rumors originate in R.K. a former soldier of the “Tsadik 1” subunit of “Shayetet 13.” Namely meaning “13th Fleet,” the last is the naval commando unit of the IDF, located in Atlit, just south of Haifa. The unit apparently specializes in placing mines on foreign ships in Israeli ports using underwater personal vehicles (i.e. vehicles with specific gravity equal to the one of sea water); certain subunits of the fleet apparently use what is known in Hebrew as “Toshvei Hutz” (namely “Foreign Residents”) – a military code name for large marine mammals – for the same terrorist activities; the unit apparently employs maritime biologists trained in the Tel Aviv University. Shayetet 13 was the main force used by Israel during the attack on Gaza’s Freedom Flotilla. The other part of the force included special commando units used in the occupied territories and specializing in the attack of civilian populations. The flotilla ships were populated by civilians. Using state-trained terrorists for such an operation was a bad idea; the subsequent massacre confirms that.

On the Hebrew media appeared an interview with “Captain R.” of Shayetet 13, from his bed in an Israeli hospital. He – the commander of the landing force – describes how he was the second man to attack the Marmara. He saw how the first soldier was being clubbed by the civilians on the ship. Soon he was attacked by civilians attempting to defend themselves, was thrown from the deck, and stabbed in the stomach. Despite him being an aggressor on international waters, he claims to be on the right, and to have behaved in a moral way. Would he be ready to say that personally to the family of the civilians assassinated on the Marmara?

There is no doubt there would be a judicial enquiry on the crimes committed on the Marmara. The fight now is who is going to carry it out. The Israeli ambassador in London, stated in the BBC that Israel is a “vibrant democracy” capable of carrying out its own investigation. Few would define a state discriminating between its citizens according to their genes as a democracy; we can only thank God for having had the opportunity to hear in person one of these few enlightened men. He also claimed the soldiers acted in self defense and even claimed that they having announced in advance their landing on the ship with loudspeakers justified the subsequent violence. “Hey, I’m a terrorist and am attacking you; since I’m telling you this beforehand you cannot defend yourself,” summarizes the ambassador’s highly educated opinion.

Both men – ambassador and terrorist-soldier – are very wrong. Self-defense is a measure justified in cases of one is in a position where not using self-defense would most likely lead to death, serious injuries and property damage. The people on the Marmara were outside the Israeli waters and exactly in this position. They acted in self-defense and are clean of blame. These points clearly show why the Israeli ambassador is wrong: Israel cannot carry out an impartial investigation on the attack when it is the aggressor. The investigation should be carried out by the Security Council of the UN, an international body that also requested an investigation. The US, the UK and France should be rejected as an impartial side in such an event; even though the UK made very weak comments on the illegitimacy of the action.

It will take some time to find out the political results of the Israeli crime. However, there are encouraging signs. A Turkish diplomat at the UN openly defined Israel as a Pirate Nation – as I did before the attack in Gaza’s Freedom Flotilla and as a terror state. Justice Goldstone defined Israel as a Terror State in his report to the Human Rights Council of the UN. On October 16, 2009, the last accepted the report. Now we are openly hearing members of the Security Council adopting this definition, though yet without a formal decision. The path is clear, the future is unambiguous and the truth would become a formal reality: Israel is a terror state.

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