Zionist Libya

King Idris Flag United Kingdom of Libya
King Idris Flag
United Kingdom of Libya

In February 2011 we were told by Western media that the Arab Spring had reached Libya. However, those paying attention to details, noticed something odd in the reports: the so called “popular protests” began by a group of rebels taking control of areas next to the Egyptian border. In May the rebels took the city of Misrata and things began looking bad for Muammar Gaddafi’s government. Yesterday, August 23, the rebels took control of the almost destroyed by NATO bombings, Bab al-Aziziya government complex in Tripoli. Gaddafi escaped to a still unknown location. Instead of a popular rebellion, we are watching the advance of an unknown infantry army backed up by the air force of Nato’s Terror Marshals. In the West, the rebels became known as the “National Transitional Council (NTC)” and were recognized as Libya’s legal government for unclear reasons; after all they have not been elected by the people. Opposing the barbaric and massive attacks of NATO on civilians were China, Russia and Venezuela among others.

Making accusations of a Zionist intervention in Libya could be easily classified as “another baseless conspiracy theory” and dismissed. Yet, the rebels spokesmen gave today (Aug 24) an incredible interview to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. Let’s remember Libya has no diplomatic relations with Israel. Thus, Yossi Melman – the journalist to whom the interview was given – broke Israeli law. Since he has not been detained and the interview was published, we can safely deduce the event was sanctioned by the Shin Beth. This is enough to make the event a bombshell, even if the interview had been centered about the color of Libyan skies. It contained much more than that.

US Congressman Edward Markey | “US in Libya for Oil”
US Congressman Edward Markey | “US in Libya for Oil”

Let’s begin with the identity of the spokesman. Ahmad Shabani is the founder of Libya’s Democratic Party and the son of a former minister in the cabinet of Libya’s King Idris, who was deposed in 1969. A former Italian colony, most of Libya was administered by the UK from 1943 to 1951. During the WWII, the future King Idris supported the United Kingdom and brought the Cyrenaican nationalists (which formed a significant part of Libyan population) to fight alongside the Allies against the Axis. After the defeat of Germany and Italy, he returned to his capital, Benghazi, as Emir of Cyrenaica. As thanks for the help, the British supported independence and his becoming the king of the whole country. On December 24, 1951, Libya declared independence as the United Kingdom of Libya, a constitutional and hereditary monarchy. Considering the links with the UK, the adding of “United Kingdom” to the country’s name is not surprising.

Back to the interview, Ahmad Shabani has lived with his family in London since 1969, when he was still a toddler. He has no memories of Libya. Only in March 2011 – after the beginning of the attacks on Libya from the east – he began speaking against Muammar Gaddafi’s government.

This is the first hint the ongoing violence has imperial roots. It adds up quite well to the military nature of the events. Libya is formed by about 140 tribes and clans, which in fact formed a loose confederation under the rule of Muammar Gaddafi. Seeking consensus among them was of critical importance for his ruling. Yet, we have not seen the tribes and clans speaking out during the ongoing conflict. We see an army ruthlessly conquering territory at all costs, including the lives of civilians.

But, there is no need to rely on these facts, Ahmad Shabani provided the Hebrew media with awesome details on the real identity of the usurpers.

“We are asking Israel to use its influence in the international community to end the tyrannical regime of Gaddafi and his family…” Ahmad Shabani told to Haaretz. In other words, the spokesman of the rebels – or the Libyan government recognized by the US and a few other rogue states – recognizes Israel (otherwise it wouldn’t be asking for things from it) and ignores the Palestinians. To put it mildly, I’m not sure the Libyan people support this odd policy.

At this point I thought nothing could surprise me in the interview, but Ahmad Shabani was on fire. He was asked if the Rebel Libya would recognize Israel. “That is a very sensitive question. The question is whether Israel will recognize us.” Mr Ahmad Shabani, you are wrong. The real question is: Is Israel Sovereign? Again, I’m not sure the Libyan people support Shabani’s odd policies. Is he a member of B’nei Brit?

Then, Shabani revealed himself as little more than a Zionist mercenary. Some months ago, the Shin Beth and the IDF claimed to the Hebrew media that weapons were being smuggled from Libya to the Gaza Strip via post-Mubarak’s Egypt. In today’s interview, Shabani said the rebels were aware of the smuggling and hoped to end it.

No surprises here; the new Libya is a Zionist Libya, ruled by a foreign mercenary army. As Afghanistan and Iraq, it would become another Western Swamp. Tribal societies won’t be eradicated in the name of cheap oil. Actually it works the other way around. Tribal societies would destroy Empire by imposing unbearable military costs on it.