On MI5, CAZAB and Israel

Forget Me Not | On MI5, CAZAB and Israel
Forget Me Not | On MI5, CAZAB and Israel

Some topics are difficult to write about; simply there is so much intentional disinformation on them that even if you have good information from inner sources you won’t be believed. People will confront you citing wrong data; many would defend their bogus data furiously. You’ll antagonize instead of placing the basements for a real and much needed change.

Beyond hinting at your sources and providing enough insights to convince of your sincerity, there is little to be done. I apologize to my readers if some parts of the following article are less than explicit and if in other parts, facts are only hinted. Unluckily, I do have legal restraints derived from my condition as refugee. Yet, the last is a proof that Israel fears me, thus my sources may be worth something.

Many years ago, Peter Wright published Spycatcher. He was a high officer within the British counterintelligence organization, usually known as MI5. He describes there systematic crimes performed by the British government against its people.

He describes how the MI5 ruined the life of an innocent man. MI5 agents spread rumors about that man until he was forced to leave town. Afterwards they discovered he was innocent but just round-filed his case. MI5 didn’t apologize nor indemnify the victim. Years later, the BBC published an article about Zimbabwe’s Dirty Tricks Brigade, but failed mentioning the fact that the British are a world leader on such units since the days of Queen Elizabeth I.

Peter Wright specifically explains that many of those within MI5 are Freemasons, apparently since through this occupation they can gain valuable information for the International Freemasonry. I won’t comment on Freemasonry too much. Simply this organization is plagued with disinformation. I just want to state many of its known symbols appear to have deep connections to the Jewish culture and to the Hebrew language. They are present also in Israel; in fact there a lodge a few blocks from the Tel Aviv’s residence of the Mossad agent appearing in this website as “Arik.”

A secondary topic in Spycatcher is what is known as ECHELON, the codename for the pooling sigint arrangement between the intelligence agencies of the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. In other words, the world-wide phones-listening network operated by these countries in clear violation of the Human Rights recognized by the UN and undersigned by those very countries.

Peter Wright used the name CAZAB for referring to the organization coordinating ECHELON. This is the acronym for the conferences of senior counter-intelligence officers from Canada, America, New Zealand, Australia and Britain, which began in 1967 and continued at roughly 18-month intervals throughout the Cold War.

English speakers won’t see here any problem, except for the very strange order of the countries used for the CAZAB acronym. Probably, most people would list them as in the first instance appearing in this article, creating UUACN or something similar. Few would use “America” for the US – after all that would include Honduras – or just Britain for the UK. Certainly no Scott would do that. Welsh people would probably take offence. What about Northern Ireland denizens? Since when “Z” is used for “New Zealand” Why CAZAB?

Hebrew makes extensive use of acronyms, especially in an attempt to make them fit regular words. I already mentioned how Jesus is daily insulted in Hebrew by calling Him with an acronym that means “Be His Name and Memories Forgotten (or erased)” that sounds similar to His real name. Freemasons occupy main posts within the British intelligence and their organization is rich in Hebrew symbolism. Considering this, it is not surprise that the unusual acronym CAZAB means “deception” or “lie” in Hebrew. Was the acronym designed by a freemason?

“Well, coincidences happen,” some incredulous readers may state by now. In despair, they may quote as supporting evidence that Israel is not part of ECHELON and that the CAZAB team doesn’t include Hebrew speaking officers. Oops! Many Israeli citizens know the 8200 base (Israel’s sigint unit) next to Tzeelim – the antennas can be seen from the main road. Probably its code name was changed since I left, thus I won’t mention it. The point is that – as it is well known in Israel, this station is Israel’s plug point into ECHELON. The circle is complete.

The point to keep in mind is that there are no good human rights violations. No CAZAB officer can claim their violations are good intentioned. Violations are violations and create evil in unexpected directions. Nobody can predict what would be done by the data illegally collected by ECHELON. Justice Goldstone briefly touched in his recent report – which defines the State of Israel as a terrorist organization – that Israel keeps harassing citizens criticizing it. I can give a personal testimony that this is done even if you are thousands of kilometers away. Wrong is wrong, evil is evil. And the ECHELON and CAZAB teams are their allies.