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The Cross of Bethlehem

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Netanyahu’s Barbarossa

“Across the city's heart,
He passes in a luxurious car,
The people’s hero says hello with his hand,
Beware; he doesn’t stop at the red lights.”



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Molotov Ribbentrop Stalin

Molotov, Ribbentrop, and Stalin signing the Treaty of Non-Aggression between Germany and the Soviet Union | Netanyahu and Mofaz signed an agreement enabling the war with Iran

The words of the song at the top of this page belong to “He Doesn’t Stop at Red Lights,” by Shalom Hanoch. They were written many years ago about Ariel Sharon. Back then, Israel was beginning to emerge from the mess of the first Lebanese War. Ariel Sharon had been banned from being Minister of Defense by the Supreme Court, due to the Sabra and Shatila Massacre, where it was alleged that the IDF, the Israeli Defense Forces, had allowed Lebanese militiamen access to Palestinian refugee camps when Sharon was the minister. Many thought his career was over, but Shalom Hanoch sung a different song: “You don’t want him as Minister of Defense? Unless you wake up, you’ll get him as Prime Minister!” The song turned out to be prophetic, and now it seems it will soon be applicable to another Zionist leader. On May 8, 2012, Benjamin Netanyahu and Shaul Mofaz announced a new government centered on a coalition between the Likud and the Kadima parties, scrapping the plans for early elections this year. The new government enjoys a wide majority and will allow Netanyahu to continue his plans while ignoring the red lights surrounding him.

Netanyahu-Mofaz Alliance

Netanyahu-Mofaz Alliance
May 8, 2012

Netanyahu-Mofaz Alliance

Netanyahu-Mofaz Alliance
May 8, 2012

The plans for early elections didn’t last for good reasons. Netanyahu was leading the polls with an unbeatable gap, getting almost half the vote. Labor leader Shelly Yacimovich was second with around 15%; she had no chance of winning. Third was Shaul Mofaz, the leader of the Knesset’s largest party, Ariel Sharon’s Kadima, with a miserable 6%. Mr. Mofaz political calculation was simple. He would have emerged from the elections as a loser with a substantially smaller party; his party would have sent him to sell falafel in Siberia. It was better for him to reach an alliance with Netanyahu, who would have emerged as winner of the elections. Netanyahu also gained in this new alliance; not only did he double his parliamentary force overnight, but he did so in a painless way that gave him very valuable time. Without any significant opposition at home, Netanyahu would be able to fulfill his dream of an attack on Iran after the elections in America. The attack is highly needed for him as a domestic distraction; he has proven unable to solve Israel’s worsening social problems. This new agreement is a highly ironic development since until a few days ago, the newly chosen leader of Kadima, Mr. Mofaz, kept claiming publicly that Netanyahu was unfit to serve as Prime Minister. A very cruel Mofaz is now denying us the vital knowledge of what changed in Netanyahu’s qualities that have convinced him not only that he is fit for government, but also to serve as his main lieutenant.

Operation Barbarossa

This political absurdity calls for a comparison to the Treaty of Non-Aggression between Germany and the Soviet Union, also known as the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact, after the signatory foreign ministers. Signed on August 23, 1939, it remained effective until June 22, 1941, when Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union. This unlikely alliance stated stipulations of non-aggression and included a secret protocol dividing Romania, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland between Germans and Soviets. Hitler wasn’t keen on his intentions to keep the pact; he saw it as a step allowing him to attack Western Europe comfortably. When the conquest of Western Europe didn’t advance fast enough, Hitler sanctioned Operation Barbarossa and committed his main strategic error. Almost four million troopers of the Axis powers invaded the USSR along a 2,900 km front, the largest invasion in the history of warfare. Yet, the winter of 1941 defeated Hitler.

The agreement signed between Netanyahu and Mofaz parallels the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact; two opposite forces agreed on a temporary truce while other targets are attacked. Yet, historical parallels are never perfect. In this case not only Mofaz and Netanyahu do belong to the same country, but the future version of Operation Barbarossa that would end their friendship is not a savage attack on each other, but an Israeli attack on Iran.

Operation Barbarossa

Operation Barbarossa | Strategic Error

Under the new agreement and with no significant opposition, Netanyahu is safe from the troubles with West Bank settlements that bothered his government in recent months. Moreover, Mofaz brings seriousness to the government that Netanyahu and his Minister of Defense—Ehud Barak—lack. The latter two can’t convince even the IDF that an attack on Iran is necessary. If Mofaz changes his opinion with regard to such an attack—as he did regarding Netanyahu—then things may change in the Israeli establishment. The war is a bit closer, unless Iran and the P5+1 reach an agreement in their upcoming meeting in Baghdad (see West and Iran Step Closer to Agreement; Israel Worried). Iran may soon slip the Persian rug out from under Netanyahu. Don’t despair, other suitable war would be found by Netanyahu and his new friends; that would be better than attempting to solve the cottage cheese crisis.

The Führerbunker in Berlin

Stars & Stripes - Hitler Dead

Stars & Stripes - Hitler Dead

This reenactment of the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact, and its possible continuation with an Operation Barbarossa against Iran goes beyond what was described until now. Along the years, Hitler had built strong defenses, including what is known as the Führerbunker in Berlin. Apparently, he found his death in this mighty bunker on April 30, 1945. Following this Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact-Operation Barbarossa-Führerbunker script to the last iota, the Israeli government is heavily reinforcing Jerusalem. In Reviving Burma Road, I described how on February 2012, the boring of Israel's first-ever railway tunnel began. In 2017, the first passengers are expected to reach the underground Jerusalem Railway Station, deep below downtown Jerusalem. Elevators and escalators will help them to ascend the amazing eighty meters separating the railway from the surface. This sounds similar to the soviet nuclear bunkers disguised as metro stations in Moscow. In fact, this is another Israeli attempt to camouflage Jerusalem and prepare it against a possible answer to a future Israeli attack on Iran; the bunkers will be ready much before the station will begin its operations. In Israel Camouflages Jerusalem I commented on various dubious projects of the Israeli government, aimed at the annexation of East Jerusalem to Israel. One of them is Kiryat Menachem Begin, also known as Kiryat HaMemshala (“The Government’s Town” in Hebrew). This is a complex of government buildings in East Jerusalem located between the Palestinian neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah in the north, Mount Scopus in the east, and Ammunition Hill in the west. The Science and Technology Ministry of Israel is the most innocent institution there. Israel also placed there the Ministry of Public Security, the Housing and Construction Ministry of Israel and the National Headquarters of the Israel Police. Beyond pivotal in the administration of the surrounding lands and in the ruthless annexation process, they sit atop a large underground bunker aimed at COG (Continuity of Government) activities in case of war. Then there are reliable rumors about a giant nuclear bunker under Jerusalem’s Har Hamenuhot Cemetery. Other similar projects may exist. It seems Netanyahu is preparing his own version of a Führerbunker. Mr. Netanyahu, do you remember how Hitler’s belligerency ended?

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