A New Shoah


Giulio Meotti: Western universities becoming frightening bastions of anti-Israel, anti-Jewish hostility

anewshoahOn May 6, 2012, the Op-Ed article of Yedihot Aharonot—the largest Hebrew newspaper—was written by Giulio Meotti. Not often is an Italian journalist invited to write for a Hebrew newspaper; however, Mr. Meotti has accumulated a lot of merit in the eyes of the Zionist establishment. In 2010, he published a book named “A New Shoah,” a book that centers on the stories of Israeli victims of terror. Every day in Israel, memorials are held for people killed simply because they were Jews, is Meotti’s main claim. I beg my regular readers for some patience, I have not turned Zionist; a hard-hitting truth will be gained by walking through a few paragraphs of Zionist interpretations on current events. Meotti’s article was named “Jews unwelcome on campus,” and described several events in American and European universities. A few months ago, I described a similar situation in Jewish Setback in Berkeley. Mr. Meotti was oddly partial in his interpretation. “From the outside, Western faculties appear as genteel oases of wisdom and knowledge. In truth, institutions of higher education are becoming brutal offspring of anti-Jew hatred. Famous faculties that have been an historical cradle of European civilization are sacrificing freedom and Israel to barbarism and obscurantism,” was the beginning of his piece. Shocking! “Freedom and Israel” were put together by Mr. Meotti as if these terms were even remotely related! Let’s stir Meotti’s oasis from the inside.

Giulio Meotti
Giulio Meotti

One of the most telling data brought up in the article was a survey prepared by The Institute for Jewish & Community Research in San Francisco. The survey was named “Alone on the quad: Understanding Jewish Student Isolation on Campus,” and claimed that more than 40% of students confirm anti-Semitism on their campus and that some 41% of students have encountered anti-Israel remarks made in class by professors. Oddly enough, Mr. Meotti failed to understand (or at least didn’t mention his understanding) that these two numbers are deeply related. I hope to prove that to the readers’ satisfaction by the end of this article. After presenting this data, he moved to describe the situation in Europe. Meotti claims that “we are witnessing the worst wave of anti-Israel hatred since April 6, 2002, when 123 academicians signed an open letter, published in Britain’s The Guardian, calling for a moratorium on all cultural links with Israel.” As proof, he mentions a few events in which Jewish lecturers experienced violence or censorship (self-censorship in one instance) when they were to lecture in favor of Israel. He explains this as anti-Semitism, failing to understand—again—that other explanations exist.

Ehud Olmert | Regaining relevance

Two of the events mentioned by him are different. In one, the University of Paris VIII closed its doors for two days to avoid a harder stance about a planned conference against the Jewish State. Actually, this is Zionist censorship of legitimate views, and not an event of anti-Semitism. Then, he mentions that Rotterdam’s Erasmus University hosted events in which Israel was equated with South Africa’s apartheid regime. Mr Meotti, please read the UN report on Operation Cast Lead, and you will see the comparison is unavoidable. Making such a comparison is also legitimate; tagging such normal academic procedures as anti-Semitic is just another name for censorship. In this case, it would again be Zionist censorship of other people’s views and opinions.

In other words, Mr. Meotti describes events in which Jews from Europe are persecuted for their active support of the State of Israel and summarizes this as anti-Semitism. He wasn’t the only person to express himself on the topic in recent days.

A Proper Zionist Answer!

If I were to answer Mr. Meotti’s article, the answer would be dismissed by the Zionists automatically. They wouldn’t even read my arguments. Instead, they would begin an “ad hominem” (a personal) attack as an answer. Thus, let’s bring a proper Zionist answer!

“A Proper Zionist Answer” (“tshuva tzionit olemet” in Hebrew) is a popular phrase used in Israel against any event that is perceived as a threat. It implies violence, though nothing specific is said. Oddly enough, a prominent Zionist leader inadvertently provided such an answer to Mr. Meotti’s claims. The leader is a former Prime Minister of Israel, Ehud Olmert. However, I must mention that a few days ago, Mr. Olmert was accused by Ehud Barak—Israel’s Minister of Defense—of being an Iranian agent. As most readers of that statement, I consider it nothing more than a quasi-formal recognition by Barak that he is about to disappear from Israel’s political map after the upcoming elections. For me, Olmert is a good enough Zionist; he can give Mr. Meotti a proper Zionist answer!

On Friday, May 4, Ehud Olmert gave an interview to CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, in which he said that right-wing extremists from the United States toppled his government with “millions and millions of dollars” in order to thwart his attempt to reach a lasting peace agreement with the Palestinians. Olmert said that his peace plan was supported by a majority of Israelis and that it could have been, and still can be, implemented were it not for “superior powers” in the U.S. which he would not name. Amanpour asked Olmert if there is still time for a two-state solution “There is time,” Olmert answered, “but time is running out.”

Mr. Olmert wasn’t kind enough to disclose who the “superior powers” he is referring to are. Yet, it is not difficult to understand there are various forces opposing peace, and these can be easily mapped. In Armageddon’s Alliance, I described heretic Christian sects that generously support Prime Minister Netanyahu due to their horrific efforts to bring the Apocalypse earlier than God planned. On March 18, 2012, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed John Hagee and a large group of American Christians United for Israel (CUFI) in Jerusalem. Among the heresies said there, Netanyahu was compared to Moses, King David, and the Messiah. Then, the American Jewish establishment is also quite fanatic. Few Americans realize that many (maybe even most) of the West Bank settlers are not Israelis, but American Jews. Much of the American donations supporting large parts of Israel’s civil institutions are often conditioned on the development of Jewish-American settlements. This is the modern version of the Rothschild donations in the late 19th century and the early 20th century. Combined, these two groups can force their radical politics (which combine well), on Israel. Then, there is the American industrial-military machine which considers the State of Israel as one of its favorite experimental playgrounds for new weapons.

In other words, Olmert said foreigners are meddling with Israel’s inner politics and with the chance to achieve peace with the Palestinians. This is exactly what the lecturers mentioned by Mr. Meotti were doing in the European universities! Understanding this, the data mentioned by Meotti in his article is clear. The people interviewed in the survey that confirmed anti-Semitism and anti-Israel remarks in the campus were reporting the same phenomenon: if local Jews support crimes performed by the State of Israel, they bring on themselves the same type of reactions the State of Israel brings on itself due to its violence. It is not hatred of the European-person calling himself a Jew, but hatred of his racist and violent opinions. Your claims are equal to claiming the world hates Hitler for being a German!

These lecturers—and obviously Meotti himself—must understand that if they preach for violence, the victims have the right of self-defense. Obviously they have the right to answer. Moreover, an attitude that calls for the transfer of funds and resources from their countries to the Zionist entity is nothing but a new version of a Fifth Column. Dear Zionist-Europeans, you can’t serve two masters. If you support the Israeli wars, do not complain when these wars reach your doorsteps. After justifying Zionist violence, do not complain when you experience retributions because you have defined yourself as part of the Zionist fighters. After denying refugees their rights, do not complain when you are forbidden to lecture. You must understand we are all one; you cannot have rights others don’t have; you can’t deny other people the rights you have! You are the ones bringing up a new Shoah. So, calm down, drink a glass of water, and stop publishing Goebbels-styled propaganda. Can we agree on that?